Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eat-a-fajita Salad

Well the secret is out! If you didn't know already, I am the worst cook in America. But... That doesn't stop me. Today I made the yummiest salad! I call it "Fajita Salad for Dummies", and yes kids, it's pretty good. (And not to mention healthy which is always a bonus)

It all started with me being the domestic wife that I am (not) and whipping out lunch for Mr G for work. I always prep the night before because I'm usually feeding or playing with the babe when he leaves in the morning. Since we had fajitas for dinner the mister came up with the brilliant idea of "fajita salad". So, all the credit goes to my main man, but I did the work and let me tell you... It turned out one of my favs!

What's in a fajita salad you ask? Here's what we put in (it's fool proof so give it a whirl!)

Shredded lettuce

Shredded chicken (I used mrs dash chicken flavoring)

Black beans

Rice (I rinsed it in chicken broth and added purified cilantro, onion, minced garlic, and lime juice...but I'm sure any rice will do)

Yellow/orange/red peppers sautéed (is that the word?)

Cafe rio dressing (Pinterest it... Super easy!)

Then topped with Mexican cheese, sour cream, and Pace salsa. The salsa just brings it home peeps.